Dependency on Computers

Dependency on Computers Essay example
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The technological era is here to stay for the moment at least; and it has brought along with it a plethora of new gadgets and devices, the most famous of them all being the computer or the laptop.


However, the question is whether or not it is feasible to post every daily action onto a computer, because after all, people are losing out on their identities as mentioned within the purview of this paper. There are various possible claims available for this paper; some might say that dependency on computers is valid because computers are the future of the world; they help in minimising manual work; gaining efficiency as well as assisting in executing new ideas. However, on the other hand, the other school of thought suggests that despite all the help that computers provide people with, they lead to a disintegration of society by slowly leading to the loss of personal identity – this means that with excessive dependency on computers, man will be losing out on his intelligence and brain power. Both these claims are discussed further within the purview of this essay, with valid examples. My position regarding the topic is that people are too dependent on computers even though it helps them more than affects them in a negative manner. In today’s world, a computer is not just another inanimate object, but an animate one; it is literally like an individual’s slave and performs all the necessary functions for social and professional well being. ...
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