Anger, Hatred, Powerless, and Connection

Anger, Hatred, Powerless, and Connection Term Paper example
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Running head:  Anger, hatred, Powerless, and connection Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Anger and hatred are mostly viewed as a duality in a person. Some people have even argued that the terms can be used synonymously.


In this paper, I address the conflict between the view that anger is different from hatred and that anger and hatred are one and the same thing. In the following, I assume that there is temporal hatred that comes when one acts emotionally out of anger, which may not be distinguished from hatred that may cause a conscious anger and is remarkably different from anger itself. If Buber were to personalize the two terms and fit them into his dual system, he would group the temporal hatred and anger in I-Thou set where the entities consist of, specific isolated qualities, but engages in the same realm of unconsciousness. The permanent-conscious hatred and anger would be classified as I-It where they are different and exist independently. Anger can lead to temporal hatred or permanent hatred. This relationship can be clearly explained by the following scenario. Mike is mired on the highway by a traffic jam. He is supposed to attend a staff meeting, but the traffic is moving at a snail’s pace. While on the traffic jam, another car keeps intercepting and flouting traffic rules. At some point, the car attempt to fix itself ahead of Mike and it slightly collides with his car. At this point, Mike rushes out with a metal bar, with eyes dilating, red and his heart thumping, and smashes the windscreen of the offending car. ...
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