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God's Omniscience and Human Free Will - Contradiction

Most of the solutions or arguments are aimed at working around the problem rather than resolving it. I believe that there is no way to solve this conflict without denying either God’s omniscience or the existence of free will. In this essay I argue and attempt to prove that God’s omniscience and human free will are not compatible with each other. Omniscience in the simplest form is defined as the knowledge of everything, infinite or complete knowledge. That is, an omniscient God knows and has knowledge of everything, including what is going to happen in the future1. Human free will on the other hand is defined as the ability, power or force of a person to choose what or what not to do. In a more religious sense it is the ability or power to choose or turn away from good or evil2. Hence, definition of omniscient God implies an all knowing God meaning that God knows what is going to happen in the future. If God already knows what we are going to do in the future, it means that our actions are already predetermined and we have no control over the actions that we are going to take in the future. ...Show more


(Professor) (Subject) God’s Omniscience and Human Free Will - Contradiction One of the most intriguing and most debated contradictions in philosophy is the contradiction of the presence of an omniscient God and human free will. That is, God’s foreknowledge of what is going to happen and our free will to choose whatever we want to…
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