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Protagoras and Democracy: Arete

Even with strong refutations from philosophers like Socrates, it is rational to say that excellence can be taught. Socrates argued that excellence and other virtues cannot be taught since they are gifts from God. Philosophers like Socrates believe that people cannot be educated to achieve excellence from the supervision of other people (Plato, Arieti & Barrus, Pp 57). He even challenges Protagoras to demonstrate how he can teach Hippocrates to become a better citizen. It is difficult to teach somebody to achieve excellence since it is not a single quality. Excellence is made up of many qualities, and this makes it difficult to be taught. It is difficult to teach excellence because some people are brilliant at some qualities while others are skilled in other qualities. There are different qualities of excellence, thus making it impossible to teach excellence. Excellence is difficult to be taught since people may decide what they want. For instance, Socrates argues that it is not possible for a person to be always faithful, but it is possible for a person to be bad. There are different qualities that make up excellence such as justice, wisdom and courage. This hinders the possibility of teaching excellence. It is difficult to teach excellence since people know what is correct and unpleasant, thus end up acting virtuously. ...
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Name Professor Course Date Protagoras and Democracy: Arete Introduction Socrates refuted that virtues like excellence could be taught to people, but Protagoras suggested that is possible to teach excellence. Excellence like any other virtue can be taught to individuals as supported by Protagoras…
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