Is it Possible for a Teacher to be Accountable without Being Responsible? - Essay Example

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Is it Possible for a Teacher to be Accountable without Being Responsible?

This very link has been described and elaborated in respect to the ability of the teacher to balance the both, in this report. TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY The responsibility associated with an instructor is more than any other profession, as every profession demand education set of skills, which are only achieved once the person has undergone studies from a capable teacher, responsible enough to know his role in this world. Furthermore, Hartley (2002, 255) points out that a cheap, one-size-fits-all 'standard' in teacher education may turn out to be ineffective with regard to the promotion of human resources and the competitiveness of the economy in general. The knowledge treasure requires creativity, team-work and self-execution; the teacher being handed complete freedom to built a set of self-assessments and parameters of responsibility. These are the salient features of the modern education policy model which are highly unlikely to be promoted. Furthermore, along with the demand for educators to conceive added responsibility, this feat is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, attributing responsibility to a teacher is not a fact that can be gauges like temperature or any other quantitative material (Young 1998, 62). ...
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The method in which teacher effectiveness is calibrated defines the manner in which it is perceived to influence the expansion of the education policy…
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