Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Title: PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE SHOULD BE LEGAL Name Institution Professor’s Name Course Date The debate on whether to legalize physician suicide or not has been alive for centuries. Some parts of the world like Australia have legalized the act while others like England are still resisting the legalization (Wolfslast, 2008).


It may also involve withdrawal of life supporting equipment. Physician assisted suicide should be allowed in some instances and, therefore, legalizing the act will be vital. There is also an opinion that legally assisted suicide may not be justified as it is God who gives life, and it, therefore, must be God who decides when to take it. However, this point of view belongs to the field of abstract thinking; in this paper, we will use facts and practical considerations to support our opinion. There are two types of assisted suicide, which include active and passive assisted suicides (Kluge, 2007). As regards passive assisted suicide, it may be possible when, for example, a patient is suffering from a terminal disease like HIV/AIDS and has reached the final stages where recovery is impossible. For this case, the patient medication should be discontinued provided he or she has consented to the act, and especially when this consent is made available in the form of a will. The same should also be possible when a patient is in critical condition, and the family members produce a will written by the patient consenting to the act at the time of his consciousness. In regard to active assisted suicide, there are four conditions, which should be considered as justifying the act. ...
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