Analysis of the Act of Terrorism as a Philosophical Issue

Analysis of the Act of Terrorism as a Philosophical Issue Research Paper example
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Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course Name Date This paper discusses whether the act of terrorism is justified or not. The topic is important philosophically because as we know, terrorism remains one of the most important challenges of the 21st century as it threatens the stability of international community.


And can terrorism ever be morally justified? (Primoratz, 2011) Let us first address the first part. What is terrorism? Despite being notoriously difficult to define, one must identify terrorism as an act of widespread violence. It can be on part of a state or a group or any individual, against another state, group, individual or society, with the ultimate goal of forcing the former’s demands on the latter party. The demands could be socio-economic or political. According to Igor Primoratz, terrorism can be defined as: ‘The deliberate use of violence, or threat of its use, against innocent people, with the aim of intimidating some other people into a course of action they otherwise would not take’ (Primoratz, 2011). These definitions however, form more of a general perspective to this whole idea, are simply unsatisfactory. They don’t delve into the root cause and what the ultimate objectives are behind these motives, but rather focus on what is done. The issue in its entirety is far more subtle. Virtually, in every historical era and society, there have been extremists who have used terror as their tactics to advance their cause. Of thousands of such groups that exist or have existed, the validity of their cause is often questioned. ...
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