Is Voluntary Euthanasia Morally Permissible?

Is Voluntary Euthanasia Morally Permissible? Essay example
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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Is Voluntary Euthanasia Morally Permissible? Studies show that this is a highly controversial subject given the definition that euthanasia involves killing an ailing individual intentionally in order to end suffering.


In voluntary euthanasia, the patient expresses this choice and passes on the death action when faced by a situation where life is not worth living. Voluntary euthanasia can be either active or passive. In active euthanasia, doctors, family members, and the patient may all reach a consensus to end the patient’s life through lethal injection, for instance. On the other end, passive euthanasia takes place they allow the disease to kill the patient by withholding essential medication for treating an illness that kills (Howe, 2004:2). This paper will seek to establish whether voluntary euthanasia is morally permissible and whether authorities should legalize it deriving answers from Rachel, Callahan, and Larch’s arguments. Voluntary euthanasia is morally permissible The arguments of Rachel, Callahan, and Larch regarding voluntary euthanasia set forth major views of both traditionalist and libertarians. With reference to the views of libertarians set forth by philosopher James Rachel, there is no moral relevance or difference between active and passive euthanasia (Garrard and Wilkinson, 2012:1). He further adds that, from a moral point of view, the most important aspect is a person’s biographical life, which includes the person’s relationships, aspirations, and interest among others. Contrary, Rachel points out that a person’s biological life is not important when viewed morally. ...
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