Gambling From a Utilitarian and Deontology Point of View.

Gambling From a Utilitarian and Deontology Point of View. Essay example
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Gambling from a noble and moral point of view is seen as an evil that lurks after people and hooks itself onto them as they are addicted and unable to fight its charm. Many have even had to go for rehabilitation to be restored back to their senses so as to stop responding to the desire to gamble.


This is not the case though with the utilitarian school of thought as it propagates that man takes action after considering what brings him the greatest pleasure. The Utilitarian system deems that gambling should not be banned as it gives happiness to those practicing it without necessarily bringing pain to anyone else (Collins 42). Deontology on the other hand leans towards the opinion that everyone has a moral duty and obligation depending on where they are placed towards others, and as they partake of any action, they should consider this moral duty (Sulkunen 158). This work attempts to go into details on gambling from a Utilitarian and deontological point of view. Deontological and Utilitarian theories do not essentially forbid the involvement of gambling as a moral wrong but they show a moral basis which one should consider when deciding whether to dive into gambling or not. The moral status of actions relies on the character of God i.e. what is right and wrong in the eyes of God contrary to Utilitarianism that reflects the will and desires of man. Deontology may adjudicate gambling as honorably wrong (Samford and Ransome 58). This is the case even in occurrences where nobody is hurt as a result of the act and actually successful results were achieved. Deontology submits that being honest is always right and mainly checks the action. ...
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