Intelligence in Thirteenth Floor

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Name Professor Course Date Intelligence in Thirteenth Floor Introduction The controversial technological advances that have been invented in the modern day technology have been reflected in various venues that boost the lifestyle of the societal members. The leading focus has been placed in technology that entertains and makes business transactions easier.


Before they can be relayed within the society to serve the members, the devices created need to be tested to ensure the necessary comfort and safety measure is reached to avoid complications that may harm the individual. Moreover, the adverse effects may be witnessed in the summed effects when the technology is observed as a national security threat. These are the measures considered in the construction of intelligence, and it has to clearly define the purpose of its creation. The pretesting of the intelligence that might be created has been supported in the creation of simulation that explains the preceding phenomenon. Movies have been created to explain the technological intelligence to be created in a world to follow the present. Creative movie directors are capable of predicting events within their movies to use characters with higher intelligence that hold the message of a higher intelligence. Josef Rusnak’s “Thirteenth Floor” had been created based on the intelligence created on a virtual reality world. Although these environments are fictional and present measures that are dependent on the movie’s plot development, the intelligence within thirteenth floor can be merged with the created technology to create an actual depiction of the events within the movie. ...
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