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David Hume PART A: Distinguished eighteenth century Scottish empiricist philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) has elucidated his profound thoughtfulness about various subjects related to source of knowledge, causation theory and others. Hume seeks resemblance between the meanings and forms of ideas, and seeks similarities and association between them on the basis of their contiguity and causality (Ariew, 510).


Hume, on the other hand, argues that since the magnitude as well as association between the cause and effect cannot be measured or estimated altogether, it would also be impossible to assert that happening of two events is the outcome of some cause (511). Thus, he does not perceive any cause in the occurrence of different events. Being a skeptic, Hume refuses to submit to the traditional notion about causation theory altogether subsequently. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Hume does not maintain any belief in causation; on the contrary, causation certainly exists, though it is unknowable; consequently, forming of complex ideas and different kinds of knowledge look for either previous experience or analysis of the knowledge gathered or ascribed through any way (536). Here, the skeptic philosopher alludes to priori and posteriori knowledge, where the former is attained through experience, while the latter is abstract or intellectual one i.e. related to various disciplines like astronomy, science, mathematics and others. ...
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