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Social Contract Theory by John Rawls

Social contract theory gives a suggestion of a simple first step in assessing the ethical values that human beings can use to build a just society (Freeman 44). In this case, it elaborates that, people should assume that they do not know their race, age, wealth, intelligence, and gender among other things. This paper will seek to explain, evaluate, and describe the important features of the social contract theory and determine its state of argument as well as its plausibility. Most importantly, one of the social contract theory features proposes two ethical principles. The first one puts across that, everybody has a title to a certain equal basic rights, which comprise of personal security, freedom of association, and liberty. The second one state that, even though there may be economic and social inequalities between people, people must base these inequalities on what a person does, not whom he or she is, and there must be an equal opportunity for achievement for everyone. Additionally, social contract theory gives an approach based on ethics (51). This approach envisages itself with moral consequences of a person’s actions as opposed to morality of the actions themselves. For a person who cares about the consequences of his or her actions, lying itself is unethical. ...
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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Social Contract Theory by John Rawls Teachings received religiously act as ethical standards of people’s foundation. This means that, if an act is unethical for people, then nobody should resolve to undertake it, regardless of the consequences…
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