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Such developments portray the liberal nature of the society since the laws permit the populace to take care of their lives and make important decisions that concern their lives. Such include abortions and suicide.
However, the situation is likely to change thereby presenting a conflict in the management of the health facilities in the state. Apparently, the Roman Catholic has inherited the health care system in the country with the promise of revamping the operation of the health facilities with an increased cash flow in the state. The health care system under the management of the Roman Catholic will curtail the liberal nature of the facilities as the Catholic safeguards the value of human life. Such a conflict is likely to heighten owing to the fact that Washington is one of the secular states in the country. Imposing religious heath care system is therefore likely to conflict with the wishes of millions of citizens who will not enjoy some of the liberties that the previous health care system offered.
The introduction of the new health care system promises an improved quality of the health care services that the facilities will offer owing to increased financial capital that the Roman Catholic will provide the system. The health care sector is one of the most expensive systems in any country owing to the high cost of the health equipment. Additionally, clients often demand guaranteed quality of medical services a feature that increases the need to purchase high quality and efficient equipment. Such requirements increase the cost of managing and maintaining high quality health care services in the society. Under the new health care management system, the health care practitioners will have to appreciate high ethical standards by adopting the doctrines of the Catholic Church under the stewardship of a council of bishops who will oversee the ...
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The article entitled Faith Healers therefore addresses essential health care issues by investigating the effects that a change in the health care system may have in the…
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