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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Business Ethics The Chevron/Texaco case clearly shows ignorance or moral ethics in business. This paper focuses on the environmental rights, moral duties related to developing national and the right of national sovereignty. The oil mining company extracted oil and dumped the toxic waste irresponsibly.


This means that the government protected the company because they were still dumping their waste irresponsibly. In return for their silence, the country would enjoy economic growth. Multinational companies have an upper hand on governments in developing nations. The developing nations have the need to grow. They need the large multinationals to stimulate economic growth. This country is rich in oil, a valuable resource. The multinational company dictated the terms of operation in that country. The government agreed to these terms at the expense of the citizens.(Oman 78) This shows weakness in the government. The politicians are more driven by short horizon policies that achieve economic growth and are blind to the long run impact on citizens and the economy. The agreement was made between the company and the politicians. Most politicians do not have the relevant skills to make such decisions as oil exploration. Multinationals take advantage of the illiteracy levels in developing nations to get ahead in business. They are, after all, large private companies whose priority is to make profits. In achieving this objective, it created employment for the locals. Increased income of the local employees improved their loving standards. The host country GDP improved as a result of the Chevron operations. These are the benefits that the previous government sought to achieve. ...
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