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Euthanasia or mercy killing

The essay refers to John Hardwig, who says that there is always a duty to die. There are circumstances that increase the likelihood of the duty to die; one’s illness, history and age. He gives several considerations that clarify the definition of the duty to die. First, if prolonging life will pose more burdens to relatives including loss jobs, financial challenges and emotional stress to the caregivers, there is a very high degree of the likelihood to die. The essay brings a contradictory point now. If people have lived a very poor and difficult life, they have not enjoyed a satisfactory share of what life has to offer, especially as a result of their own flaws, they have a duty to die. Less likelihoods of the duty to die occurs when one can courageously cope with their own sicknesses or incapacitated condition rendering the patient less time, energy and resources in care giving. The essay comes back to Hardwig, who argues that the duty to die is very real and possible and wonders the bioethics dismissal of the claim. As defined earlier in this essay, the ultimate goal of euthanasia is an act that is intended to shorten the patient’s life medically with the aim of relieving his suffering. In conclusion, shows that the issue of euthanasia will continue to elicit widespread debate owing to its implications on religious, moral and ethical considerations. John Hardwig raises a fundamental yet weighty debate by claiming that people have a duty to die in spite of their common objection to such an idea. ...
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The essay defines the term euthanasia as a Greek word meaning “mercy killing”. Its usage depends on the context in which it occurs. Hence, right from the start, we learn in the essay that there are three levels of understanding of euthanasia: voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary euthanasia…
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