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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: HAMILTON FEDERALISTS 16 The federalists’ wrote a total of 85 articles that promoted the approval of the U.S constitution. The 85 essays were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay with Alexander writing 51 essays, Madison 26 and jays writing 5 articles, the rest were a partnership between Madison and Hamilton.


By so doing the government not only controls what states do but also what the individuals do. If the federal laws apply to individuals, then punishment on wrong doing will be subsidized as well as the activities in the country (Hamilton, Madison, Jay 2009). According to Hamilton, legislation on states only would be a chance for lawlessness. The states would choose what to implement, and when and where to implement the laws. They could also avoid implementing the federal laws which in turn could result in chaos. This would result in government intervention and as such the use of military to enforce order. Using force on people could make them retaliate and that could lead to civil wars in a bid to resist the authority. Having federal laws ensures that there is a body that governs the actions and activities of the entire nation. This will ensure that there is synchronization in every legal aspect of peoples’ lives and also it will ensure that if an individual’s rights are violated he has a channel that he could use to attain justice (Hamilton, Madison, Jay 2009). ...
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