Ethics of Care and Justice

Ethics of Care and Justice Essay example
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Name Institution Date Ethics of Care and Justice This paper concerns itself with explaining Virginia Held’s concept of ethics of care while comparing it with her views on the morals of justice. The paper also tries to relate the views on ethics held by Virginia Held on the memoir by Jeanette walls.


The paper also tries to ascertain whether people are relational and self-governing rather than being independent along with autonomous. Virginia held comprehends that the principles of care as comprising of “caring relations” and not just emotions (Held 23). She additionally states that the ethics of caring do not just basically rely on emotions but involves the practices of caring for the needy in the society by the caregivers. According Virginia Held, the rights of humans begin with ethical responses to oppressions that have been experienced historically. She says that in “order for them to become operational they must be developed into institutional mechanisms that function effectively to mobilize social resources to protect the vulnerable” (Held 47). Therefore, this implies that the morals of care thus form the principal base for the morals on human rights which are safeguarded by the morals of justice (Held 67). The morals of care value emotions like “sympathy, empathy, sensitivity and responsiveness and emphasizes on the responsibility of responding to the needs of the dependent” (Held 119). The author comprehends the issue of care as comprising of “caring relations” for the needy and not just in terms of their emotions. ...
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