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This case finds us in a state of great quandary and it is by no less than a tragedy that these men have found themselves for the second time in a short amount of time again fighting and hoping to stay alive.


The facts of the case are clear, the Speluncean Society in one of their routine endeavours were inadvertently trapped inside a cave they have set out to explore. Imprisoned for a period of twenty days, the group has become weary and lost for hope without nourishment or the prospect of escaping their prison in just about the right time that they are still alive. Devoid of any further source of food or sustenance, the men faced the ultimate decision of resorting to an act gravely disdained by any civilized society. The joyful day of the men’s freedom simultaneously gave rise to the moment of astonishment when the men who went in came out one person short. Sadly and regrettably, Roger Whetmore was not one of the lucky survivors. Whetmore has fallen victim to his own devise. He unfortunately suffered the fateful consequence of what he had himself proposed. Though he became reluctant upon the last minute, his idea had already been fuelled and intensified by the burning will of a band of men with lost hope of survival and literally dying of hunger (Fuller, n.p.). It was a point of no return and it was a circumstance no God-fearing individual would wish for to his family, his friends or even his enemies. ...
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