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Name Course Instructor Date Target Company: Sprint Sprint Nextel is a telecommunication giant based in Kansa, USA. Sprint is a wireless telecommunication arm of the Sprint Nextel. Sprint is one of the largest companies in the US telecommunication industry with its major competitors being AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless (MarketWatch 282).


The corporate structure and the organizational culture are the backbones of the company’s success (Ante 54). This is demonstrated by the value that the company leadership and management have for the employees and all stakeholders of its business operations and activities. The organizational culture and behavior of the company is however determined by the various forces and variables within the business environment. The economic environment within Sprint’s business activities is characterized by increased competitiveness from its major business rivals and new entrants into the wireless telecommunication industry (MarketWatch 284). It is due to the company’s need for staying competitive that its core corporate values are designed to demonstrate and achieve maximum integrity in the provision of wireless telecommunication services and products to its customers. Integrity is achieved through both the words and actions of the management and employees (Curran 30). Integrity means that the company endeavors to remain competitive by becoming the most reliable internet provider within the business environment. Additionally, economic forces have caused the company to provide its customers with competitive prices for its telecommunication services. ...
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