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Theory of Knowledge

This, therefore, leads to justification of our beliefs. Justification is established by the distinction between believing that something is true and between knowing that something is what it is. For instance, for a belief to be justified, it has to be endorsed by some other idea so that it can be dependable or relied upon. More so, the concept supporting it must be believed to be true and lastly, it is significant that we have a substantive or credible and viable reason for us to believe that the idea endorsing our belief is actually real. When all these ideas are put together, it constitutes true and credible knowledge. Additionally, it is important that our knowledge that we acquire be true or real. Truth is the capability of the information acquired being consistent with evident presented and truths about it. ...
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Instructor Date Theory of knowledge The source of human knowledge has been attempted to be explained by philosophers. Due to this, there are two ways that have been used to explain the source of human knowledge in that on one side, rationalism explains that human knowledge is based on rationality or reason while on the other hand, empiricism states that human knowledge is based on experience or posteriori knowledge Many people have argued that human knowledge originate from experience but it is more sensible to argue that neither side can be neglected instead, what need to be done is that both schools of thought that explain the source of human knowledge be combined so that it mak…
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