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Name Course Instructor Date Ethical Theory Ethics is the conscious manifestation of an individual’s moral beliefs and attitudes by the use of normative theories. Ethical theories are branches of ethics that play the role of determining if an act is right or wrong.


This paper will be based on normative ethics theory. Normative theories seek to answer moral questions concerning what is right and wrong. Examples of normative theories include: virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, and utilitarian ethics among others. Examples of virtues are: confidentiality, autonomy, equality, veracity, beneficence, finality, tolerance, and respect for persons, among others. I will place a greater emphasis on virtue theory. Virtue theories have less emphasis on the rules and regulations that people should follow and mostly focus on helping individuals develop good character personality like generosity and kindness. These traits will enable the individual to make right decisions in their future lives. Virtue theory emphasizes on the need for people to break the bad habits or vices that stand in the way of one becoming a good person. When dealing with virtue theories individuals should ask themselves the following questions: what virtues are characteristic of the individual that I would like to be now and in future? What kind of a person do I want to be? And what actions will cultivate the virtues I want to have? Though virtue ethics are not popular, it is one of the oldest types of ethical theories in Western philosophy. ...
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