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Essay example - Heroic Paradigms from Iliad to Aeneid

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Writer Customer Philosophy 1o May’2012 Heroic Paradigms from Iliad to Aeneid “The Iliad” is a tale of Greeks who sailed across the sea to besiege the Trojans in their walled fortress in the city of Troy, which is also known as Ilium (hence name “The Iliad”)…

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The Aeneid does not explicitly deal with Roman politics in fact it is a story about a mythological figure Aeneas who lead Trojans to Italy after the Greeks destroy their homeland. Unlike Homer’s Aeneas who is portrayed as a warrior who boasts about his prowess on the battlefield and then proceeds to lose in every one of them since he was a bad warrior Vergil projects him as a tragic figure who is in search of a rational explication about the actions of God who destroy human beings and make them suffer, The same Gods who love and protect him. Some of the major heroic paradigms that are explored in “The Iliad” include the ideals of heroism: bravery, courage, super-strength, intelligence and nobility. The Homeric Hero is a man of action who is never incapacitated because he survives on his instinct. Unhindered by doubts he soars above humanity and performs action that ensures his ever lasting fame and glory. Achilles fits this description of Homeric Hero although it is observed that his character develops gradually through out the text. The readers realize that Achilles of Iliad 22 is a man with a higher mission, who is ready to stake everything, including his own life in order to fulfill his mission. ...
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