The Fugitive Slave Law

The Fugitive Slave Law Essay example
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Name: Course Code: Instructor: Date Due: The Fugitive Slave Law Introduction It happens that various parties in the United States have mixed opinions regarding slavery and slave-master correlations. Virginia is a state which fully subscribes to the fugitive acts that requires slaves to offer their services to their masters more as a legal requirement.


The rights of the citizen especially freedom should be upheld by such legislation in Massachusetts. However, there is higher prevalence of slavery ever since the beginning of the 19th century. The law is supreme and south Massachusetts is a free state. As a citizen, human being and a free member of the American society, just like Jim, therefore, has a right to fare trial and treatment as a human being and not as a property that someone can claim and possess without considering his own personal feelings. This is the quandary (Baker, 167). The Legal Defense Fund Based on the later relationship and existence of Jim among the free members of the state, He has enjoyed better living conditions where, his fundamental rights were upheld. He has thus realized himself, appreciated the role of the society more positively and has come to contribute positively and effectively to the development of the society in the state and America without fear of oppression (Baker, 146). The person claimed to be a property to someone has been enjoying this freedom and rights for over three years now and is happy to remain in this state. As a citizen, the law should allow him to make rightful choices of whether to get back to his original master, where he was the slave or live with his new employers as a free person of rights. ...
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