Argumentative Essay – Can “an eye for an eye” be morally justified?

Argumentative Essay – Can “an eye for an eye” be morally justified? Essay example
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There is no logic for justified killing in this world. Killing someone is a very heinous act and does not come under the realms of moral or immoral discussions. It is something that creates anarchy within this world as the entire humanity is affected by the same.


It is a fact that killing can never be justified and this has been the viewpoint of many others throughout the world as well. There are some people who would hate individuals but no one will ever talk about killing someone. The justification for killing someone is unheard of and yet to be found. Still there are individuals in this world who would go to any extent to kill people for the sake of money, property or factors that deal with poverty, misery and grief. This paper is an argumentative essay which suggests that there is no such thing as a justified killing and that it is immoral to murder someone. I have a very definite opinion on this matter and I shall not change it for anyone or to come up to someone else’s expectations. I support my opinion through different beliefs and facts which I manifest on a day to day basis and this has been ably detailed within the length of this discourse.

Beginning with the premise that killing someone is a barbaric act solves nearly half the problems. But then again, this has to be comprehended in due course of time and through different events. An eye for an eye will actually make the entire world blind and this globe would be filled with disabled people all round. Hence an eye for an eye concept simply nosedives for obvious reasons. ...
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