Karl Marx's Philosophical Views

Karl Marx
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Name Course Instructor Date Karl Marx's philosophical views This essay shall focus on Karl Marx’s philosophical views. Among the philosophical views include Marx’s philosophical solution to oppression, historical division in the society among the bourgeoisie and proletariats and the tensions caused by Industrial Revolution.


Finally, I shall give my own reflection on whether communism would work or not.  Affluence by Marx According to Karl Marx, affluence refers to a situation when the working class in the society ends up being more economically stable. This relates to them having an opportunity to mortgage houses, invest in the stock market, amongst other businesses. In the long run, class struggles were witnessed in the society, and as Galbraith (pp.63) indicates, the rich had a lot to lose in this struggle. The society saw a reduction in the cottage factories, due to the increasing service provision industries, which saw a huge employment of the persons in the middle class society. It is apparent that the number of persons employed to perform manual jobs greatly reduced; thus, an increase in the bourgeoisie jobs. This gave a lot of people meaning to the kind of life they were living in the society, as all upheld the fact that they had to work to survive in the economic times. There was an increase in the rush to production and consumption means, an elucidation of the fact that all humans wanted to fulfill their potential. At this time, it is vital to note that the society was industrializing by the day. ...
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