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on Philosophy and Politics

Although he never owned enough land that could make him worry about taxes imposed on property, there was a hated poll tax where capital tax was levied on all the adults equally within the community. David Thoreau asserts that the best government is one that does not govern at all. His political ideals are somehow different because he believes he should not pay tax equally and detests slavery. He sees this as being unjust to the community who in turn respects the governing rules. Having not enough land makes him feel like he should not pay similar tax on property as that paid by the others. It is in this respect that David Thoreau declined to pay tax and was arrested and imprisoned in July 1846. Although he was supposed to remain in prison until he pays a fine, he still declined the payment of the fine. David Thoreau’s relatives ended up settling the fine without his consent and were released. This had long enduring impacts on the "Civil Disobedience" making his political ideal quite different from those read in the Analects and that of the community who respected and obeyed the unjust laws. The circumstances of David Thoreau’s arrest and his attitude as a civil man exerted a great powerful force on the civil disobedience over time. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Philosophy and politics Question one Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" is a distinct analysis of the relationship of the state and an individual and is focused on the manner in which men obey and respect the law of the government even when they totally believe that it is unjust to them…
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