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Deontologism vs. Utilitarianism

It advocates for fair consideration of other people’s interests while undertaking an action. Simply put, utilitarianism states that “we ought to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people” or in another form, “inflict less harm on the least number of people” (Kanniyakonil, 2007, p. 65). A utilitarian would therefore contemplate the possible impacts of his or her action to other members of the society. Based on the doctrine, an act that threatens other people’s stakes is therefore avoided while a beneficial act is promoted. Singer, based on his four principles, argues that “pain is bad,” consideration into harmful acts should not be discriminatory and should be based on consequences of contemplated actions (Rachels and Rachels, 2007, p. 281). Utilitarianism can be understood from two perspectives, “act utilitarianism, and rule utilitarianism” (Kanniyakonil, 2007, p. 65). Act utilitarianism is based on each action by a person, which ought to always be consistent with the ethical principle of maximum good. It is defined by the view that good actions leads to good rather than harmful results. Act utilitarianism therefore judges actions from the specific consequences of a particular act, or intentions into such consequences rather an existing moral value (Kanniyakonil, 2007). ...
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Deontologism vs. utilitarianism Introduction Coexistence of people in societies involves interactions among individuals. Whether in work places or in communities, every society has established norms that define good and evil. Ethics refers to principles of morality that have been adopted by a society to regulate relationships…
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