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Student's Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Code: May 16, 2012. Philosophy - Ethical Theories Animal Rights Campaigns for equality are by no means new. Oppressed people have always stood up for their rights as sooner or later they realize the power of their speech and actions.


It has been claimed by animal liberationists that animals should be deemed as persons and their legal rights as equals should be legislated. Equality to animals does no assert that animals possess the same characteristics as human beings or have the same needs; rather, it is focused on the equality of consideration. It is not a question of facts but that of morality as it is our moral obligation to treat animals with care and respect. This phenomenon has widespread effects and implications as it requires us to make significant changes in our lifestyles, once we realize our responsibilities towards animals. Not all human beings are the same. This fact cannot be denied as every individual is distinctly different from another. The physical, mental, and emotional characteristics of one person can never be exactly similar to those of the other. Nevertheless, it does not mean that any one should be treated unjustly due to their abilities or attributes. If a person possesses less than normal intelligence level or is challenged by physical disabilities, it does not denote that s/he should be demeaned by alleging eligible for the treatment given to healthy, mentally, and physically fit people. ...
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