The Argument in Favor of Arabic in Qatari Schools

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Your Name Prof’s Name Course Code Date Why Be Ashamed of One’s Origins: the Argument in Favor of Arabic in Qatari Schools Qatar University, which is growing more and more prominent as a university both in the Arab world and elsewhere, has long taught most of its courses exclusively in English.


Those who are elated believe that this is a “validation of their mother tongue” (Huge Response), while those who are opposed are incredibly worried about the job opportunities for graduates, as well as the universities international accreditation (Compromising). Thought his decision is doubtless controversial, it is also incredibly necessary – Qatar university has been bowing to international pressures and dissatisfying its student population for too long with its regressive insistence that all courses, regardless of subject, be taught in Arabic. This decision takes important choices out of the hands of students, where they belong. Probably the single most important reason to back this decision is that it further empowers students at the university to be in control of their own education. Previous to this decision, it was necessary for everyone entering the university to pass an English aptitude test (Arabic vs English), and those who failed to do so would have to spend one or more years on their English aptitude before being admitted. This is an incredibly foolish decision, as it forces every student, regardless of their particular need or career aspiration to undergo what could be for them unnecessary training. ...
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