Charles Darwin's Work according to Popper, Kuhn and Van Fraassen

Charles Darwin
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The philosophical work of Charles Darwin has attracted criticism from other philosophers that have supported or faulted his arguments. Darwin views tried to account for various evolution activities as well as the social nature of human beings.


However, philosophers demonstrated interest in finding the truth in various components of life. Some philosophers have observed that Darwin arguments failed to provide concrete reasons while other believes that interpretation of the arguments should take their immediate context (Auletta, Many philosophers have debated the views of Darwin pointing of the weaknesses as well as possibilities. The evolutionary biology has been subject to scientific tests and principles as well as theological thinking. This paper will explore the views of Popper, Kuhn, and Van in relation to Charles Darwin work on evolution. Karl Popper on Darwin Karl Popper viewed Science as a means of distinguishing theories from myths or traditional believes. The questions raised by people about aspects of life should be subject to scientific analysis. Darwin’s theory clashed with Biblical view of creation, subjecting it to Scientific proves. Popper observed that Darwin’s theory of evolution does not have components, which are subject to scientific measurement (Auletta, For instance, the survival of species based on how fit they are, in relation to conformation to changes in environment does not contain any bit of science because no species can survive if it is weak. ...
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