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Introduction to Philosophy Questions

The invasion of privacy is always a very serious and sensitive matter. But, then again, Cobb’s team is not made to appear in good light with regards to their job which is why there are severe dangers to their profession. But with permission, accessing of thoughts (although far from the fictitious modus operandi of Cobb and team) is used by psychologists for therapeutic purposes in order to unburden their patient’s subconscious and give them better internal peace. The Inception concept could also likewise be used in the same light but, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Such technology is fatal in the wrong hands, and this would be alarming if is popularly used. As evident in the movie, although Fischer is put in the villain spotlight, it is disturbing to consider how they can manipulate him into destroying a whole business conglomerate only for the benefit of another business man. This clearly depicts that because of their drive fueled by selfish motives and intentions, they blatantly disregard the damage that they could have inflicted on their victim, be it moral or any other. It is also noteworthy how the victims are very much vulnerable and susceptible to these kinds of intrusions. ...
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[Complete Name] [Professor] [Subject] [Date] 1) What are some of the possible moral issues raised by the movie Inception? Assuming that it was possible to have access to another person’s dreams, would it be morally acceptable to do so. What would Marcuse who subscribed to the Freud’s theory of the unconscious have to say about the movie Inception?…
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