Suggesting Violent Computer Games are Morally Wrong

Suggesting Violent Computer Games are Morally Wrong Essay example
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Explain the different arguments suggesting violent computer games are morally wrong. Which do you find is the most persuasive? Why? Introduction The age of electronic and digital technology has brought forth various advancements in computers and video games.


This paper shall analyse moral arguments on whether or not playing violent games are morally wrong. It will mostly consider the argument that playing violent video games are not morally wrong and various moral theorists shall be considered in order to support this position. Body Violent computer games have increased in type and number in recent years. Coupled with the increase of sales in home computers, more people seem to be engaged in these types of games. Violent video games have also been made more graphic in their portrayals of violence (McCormick, 2001). The features of these games also include screams from victims, recoil from gun shooting, writhing victims, blood splatter from victims, as well as flying and severed body parts. The players also have options in terms of weapons to use including grenades, machine guns, flame throwers, rail guns, sniper rifles, and similar weapons (McCormick, 2001). As more improvements in gaming have been introduced in recent years, the clamour for further improvements seems to be detected from the gamers. And the gaming companies are ready to comply with these demands. ...
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