Sorry But Your Soul Just Died

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Sorry But Your Soul Just Died The essay is definitely different from what I expected, as the expectation was that, the death of the soul, would talk of the extinction of the soul entity, through some philosophical or scientific way.


This would mean leaving the human like a mass of rock or soil – which can only be manipulated or moved. Another expectation was an account of the loss of the human spirit, to leave the human entity as good as the animals, which are on the basis of certain traditions considered not to possess a spirit – which links humans to the divine. The results here would include the depiction of animosity or the absence of a higher authority guiding humans (Wolfe). Wolfe’s bias is greatly based on unfounded fear, that the discoveries drawn from the field of neuroscience will drive humans from the personal control maintained in their natural state, where justice, morals, and values are a value drawn from each and every person’s soul endowment, to a force beyond their control. According to him, the control of humans by the genes, which is outside their control is absurd – as they will be obligated to find morals and values outside of their choice, to control their relations and all other aspects of life. An example here is Dean Hamer’s account of the gay gene, which he argues – just like the left-handedness gene is a natural inclination. The issue is that gays do not choose to become so, as they are naturally made in such a way (Wolfe). ...
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