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A Critique on What Determines Humanity and Right to Life

To start with, the author does not acknowledge the role of genetic humanity in determining moral humanity. Trying to eliminate the genetic component in determining moral humanity appear illogical and ridiculous to me. The genetic component and the moral aspect of a human are inseparable, a person only retain the traits distinguishing them as morally human only if the genetic composition is normal or not distorted. Altering the genetic component of a human being such as the nucleic acids can utterly deny personhood traits such as rationality, reasoning, consciousness, independence, and communicative ability hence humanity in the moral sense. Trying to detach the two facets makes the definition of moral humanity invalid. What is a human without the genes or even nucleotides? According to the author, an infant is accorded full human just because it can be adopted, this argument is void since the possibility of adoption does not make the infants morally human than an eight month old fetus. The infant should not be considered more human just because it does not fully limit the rights of the mother. This paper is a critique of the article on the moral and legal status of abortion and seeks to establish the invalidity of the traits that determine if any entity is human or not. ...
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The author of this article supports abortion and bases the argument on the characterization of a person as human or not on the moral sense.I disagree with the author’s perspective.The author does not acknowledge the role of genetic humanity …
Author : ramonarosenbaum

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