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Is the soul/ consciousness an entity of itself, or is it dependent upon a living being - Essay Example

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Is the soul/ consciousness an entity of itself, or is it dependent upon a living being

In this case, the soul is attached to the body through divine will and because it is essential for the existence of all beings, it is incorruptible (Acar 65). In this way, despite the soul being incorruptible, it is still attached to the body and this makes for the case of their being interdependent, where neither can do without the other. He further states that these two entities need each other because of the fact that one cannot exist without the other. Avicenna speculates that they are so interdependent to such an extent that the soul cannot exist without the body; thus, the soul’s existence comes about because there is a body with which it has to be attached. This interdependency is not accidental because if it were, then there would be no need for these entities to exist together since they would be able to exist independently.
The soul is an essential part of the body and the latter cannot exist without it because the soul is basically its essence, the cause of its being able to exist. Without the soul, the body would not be able to perform the functions that it normally does because it would not have an essence. If the body had its own cause and its own essence, then all the bodies in the world would behave in the same way. The soul, as the essence of the body, is incorruptible and because of this, all souls behave in the same way where they act as the anchor of the body to what is good as opposed to corruption. In this way, all souls behave the same way and as the essence is responsible for the basic goodness, which is normally considered the ideal human nature. Without the soul, the body would not only be able to function, but it would be stuck in immobility, practically being dead. The influence of the soul over the body is tremendous because which they coexist since they need one another, it is the soul which makes the body animate and ...Show more


According to Avicenna, the soul is an entity in its own right and that while it coexists with the body; it is incorruptible and does not die when the body does. He states that the soul does not die because it is untouched by corruption and that the body dies because of the fact…
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Is the soul/ consciousness an entity of itself, or is it dependent upon a living being essay example
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