Philosophy of Life after Death

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Philosophy of Life after Death Introduction There exists many believes of immortality also known as life after death. Persons are believed to survive death and remain in a conscious mind after receiving some rewards and punishments. Christians believe in life after death and that their members go either to heaven, purgatory or to hell according to one’s morals.


It is necessary to think of oneself as one thinks of life after death and consider of what would remain of him after he dies. This paper is a philosophical discussion that there is no life after death. There is no life after death. To discuss this consider the following philosophical arguments. First, the concept of dualism makes one belief in life after death. Dualism is a belief that people exist in both material and nonmaterial nature, which seem to be independent of each other. According to Taylor, dualists argue that human beings consists of body and soul, the later being the centre if character and mental element. In dualist, thinking the body is less significant since it is only a carrier of the soul, which survives after the end of the body (Taylor web). Some activities in our lives for instance to detect, to will, to consider are totally independent of the physical being, which makes sense in believing in dualism. Descartes as quoted in seven oaks philosophy website argues, “considered the human soul simple, indivisible and indestructible, and thus able to maintain its existence after the death of the body” (Flew web). One will tend to ask what form a body will take on the next life now that the body is no more. ...
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