Compare and Contrast the Ideas, Background, and Pholosophies of Confucius and Buddha

Compare and Contrast the Ideas, Background, and Pholosophies of Confucius and Buddha Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Compare and Contrast the Ideas, background, and Philosophies of Confucius and Buddha Buddha and Confucius are considered two of the most influential men in history. While Buddha was more of a religious thinker, Confucius was more in his thinking.


While his followers were successful in competitions with rival schools, Qin Dynasty’s legalists suppressed them. However, his thoughts were granted official sanction after Qin’s fall following Han’s victory over Chu. Gautama Buddha was of learning that was more religious and was born on the Indian subcontinent. As a spiritual leader, his teachings were the foundation of Buddhism. Buddha means the enlightened one or the awakened one. Buddha discovered the middle way, which improved on extreme asceticism present in religions of Sramana. He is Buddhism’s primary figure, with his followers believing that his monastic rules, discourses, and life accounts have been summarized following his demise and put to memory by followers. This paper seeks to compare and contrast the to men’s backgrounds, ideas, and philosophies. Both Buddha and Confucius were of noble birth, but while Buddha was a rich prince, Confucius came from a family that had experienced hard times, and thus they poor. Buddha was born in northeast India in Lumbini. His father ruled the city of Kapilavastu and attempted to prevent Buddha from turning into a holy man wandering, rather willing for him to succeed him as a ruler (Fowler 236). He kept Buddha in the palaces owned by his family and surrounded him with luxury and comfort. Buddha was married at sixteen, and his first child was born when he was twenty-nine. ...
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