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Answers to Prompt Questions

However, the idea of Plato that knowledge is inclined more on the non-sensible Forms contradicts his own metaphysical claim that Forms would depend upon the interpretation of the philosopher’s works. According to Irwin (154), Plato’s epistemological claim states that “these Forms are inaccessible to the senses.” While Plato expressed that his metaphysical claim is “the Form of F has properties that no sensible F can have.” However, according to Silverman, epistemology is about the acquisition of knowledge and what knowledge is (Silverman). On the other hand, metaphysics is anything which can be thought and said to be. One cannot fully endorse Plato’s theory of Forms as there are difference in interpretations and opinions of the said work. Not all knowledge is being considered as knowledge by the philosopher. It is only those people who have philosophical thoughts or the non-sensible ideas which are being considered as knowledgeable. This proposition does not apply to those who are exerting more on their physical capabilities. Acquiring skills can still be considered as knowledgeable by other people or group of thinkers, but not Plato. The idea quite discriminate skill workers which are very much part of the society especially with regards to the economic and workforce aspect. ...Show more


Name Professor Course Date Answers to Prompt Questions Knowledge is primarily concerned with points which are non-sensible in Forms. As far as Plato is concerned, matters which are sensible in Form are not actually knowledge. This is the epistemological claim of Plato towards the theory of Forms…
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