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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date Pacifism and Violence Pacifism and violence have for a long time been viewed in the light of two mutually exclusive terms. My point is that in the world where promoting justice and preventing war is dear to the hearts of people, pacifism and violence are inevitable entities.


Pacifists seek long life proactive moral commitment in their nonviolent moral commitment (Gould, 2010). Pacifists try their best to avoid war where it is warranted and even in the case of self defense. The critics of pacifisms have termed them as cowards because they fear violence and physical engagement in seeking justice and peace (Gould, 2010). On the other hand, those who seek violence in promoting justice argue that war is inevitable, and that peace is preceded by war. They argue that peace attained after war has value because it has costed lives. Western tradition and other civilizations have termed heroic courage which leads to violence as an embodiment of moral strength and, thus, as central to morality (Cheyney, 1994). In this essay, I argue that pacifism and violence are depended on the situation one is in and while it should be the last option; the extremes of both can lead to no moral commitment. The pacifists On 31st March 1968, the US President Lyndon Johnson delivered a historic speech ‘On Vietnam and Not Seeking Reelection’ (Lyndon, 1968). The speech was a response to the American concern about his mounting escalation on the bombardment of the northern Vietnam. ...
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