The War on Terror Has Contributed To Abuse of Human Rights

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The War on Terror and Abuse of Human Rights Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Abstract National and international securities have been a matter of concern to different governments across the world. Since the 11 September terror attack on the U. S., The Us government and its allies have launched a war that is running into more than a decade; however, the gains made through the wars have come with a price.


It is an intriguing topic, in addition to a debatable position whether indeed; the world is safer almost a decade after the United States and its allies declared war on terror (Merritt 2012). This paper discusses the problems that underlie the tainted image that the United States and her western allies have attained in the fight against terror. Governments around the world get accused of committing questionable atrocities to otherwise non terror squads within different countries. Countries like Egypt, Russia and Uzbekistan, got singled out in Human Rights watch groups as the worst violators of human rights to political opponents in a scheme to rid themselves of terror. The BBC report got based on a report by a Human Rights Watch Group in the United States. The United States believed that their efforts to fight terror groups became silent on human rights abuses. A complete disregard to the positives that war on terror has realized would sound myopic. The 9/11 attack in the U. S. soil was unethical and deserves all means possible to avert any other acts of such nature. Unfortunately, up to this far war on terror has not brought any more peace than before. My position regarding this topic is that this is a fascinating topic. ...
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