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Questions on Hedonism, Utilitarianism, Norcross, Doctrine of Double Effect - Assignment Example


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Questions on Hedonism, Utilitarianism, Norcross, Doctrine of Double Effect

With reference to his response, it is agreeable that ethical egoism reconciles zeal for seeking pleasure with altruism. In addition, Mill shows that ethical hedonism is true by exclaiming that if utopians maximized their benefits of deferred gratification and live life according to nature, reasoning rightfully, then virtue will foster their physical health inevitably (Philip 48). Physical health is of paramount importance mainly because it is necessary for any other pleasure. Question 2 Argument Mill argues that intellectual pleasures are superior to the sensual pleasures. According to his response, he argues so because with the manner in which he crucially claims, there are some pleasures that are more superior, qualitative, and quantitative than others. He asserts that intellectual pleasures are superior to sensual pleasures because of the fact that intellectual pleasures are mind related. Pleasures that relate to mind are more valuable and no ways in which one can counter balance them with any quantity of sensual pleasures in terms of value. Thus, intellectual pleasures are higher pleasures, a factor that makes them vastly superior (Philip 79). On the other end, sensual pleasures are mere sensations of the body. Therefore, comparatively, intellectual pleasures and sensational pleasures are different in quality and in quantity as well. Mill goes farther to say that, whoever, whoever claims to prefer sensual pleasures in place of intellectual pleasures is less happy since it is better

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When the difference is negative, the country is said to be having a trade deficit and when the difference is positive it is said to have a trade surplus. The term net capital outflow refers to the net flow of funds being invested by a country in other countries within a certain period of time (Lukes, 1959).
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Employment At Will Doctrine
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Utilitarianism and Deontology
Yet, human beings have found that there may be potential benefits in creating human clones for a number of different reasons. The debate on this subject has been going on for decades and will likely continue to do so for some time.
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(b)Yes. The reaction between Barium hydroxide and Nitric (V) acid will complete because the Nitric acid in the reaction reacts and completely dissociates to form Hydroxyl ions in solution. Hence due to its complete dissociation; the reaction is termed
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This leads to the question of how one can know where his/her actions are moral or just. Needless to say, the first one is judgment through a court of law. Secondly is one’s consciousness feeling guilty and resentment on the cause of action
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to be dissatisfied and happy than to have satisfaction yet you are a fool. Question 3 Distinction between Act and Rule Utilitarianism The theory of good or value explains about valuable and good things, which include equality and pleasure. On the other hand, the theory of right action means to specify which things or actions are wrong and right. In other words, it provides rules that guide moral agents (Louis and James 55). Therefore, the difference between act and rule utilitarianism is that, whilst act utilitarianism specify good and valuable things, rule utilitarianism provides action meant to specify the right and wrong or rules of action that act as guidance for moral agents. Rule utilitarianism is similar to the view of Kant in such a way that, Kant sets out a theory of moral principles that is fundamental to persons. Additionally, his view is values moral a person’s moral respect. In this case, value for moral respect is the rule that guides persons to do the right things. As such, rule utilitarianism is similar to the view of Kant since it also provides actions that promote good will. In case where information held by a terrorist might prove essential to saving lives of many, each theory will provide concrete grounds on why we it is important to torture a terrorist to give out information responsible for saving millions of lives. For instance, act utilitarianism seeks to do the right thing while rule utilitarianism specifies the valuable channels of obtaining a right and beneficial result. Question 4 Norcross Referring to Norcross, utilitarianism commits us to stop eating meat produced by factory farming by arguing that purchasing and thereafter eating meat produced by factory farming is morally comparable to the act of torturing puppies at the expense of gustatory


Name Institution Instructor Course Date Philosophy Question 1 Response The history of Hedonism revolves around two damaging and false assumptions: that hedonism advocates for bodily pleasures only, and that they are degrading as well as invariably sinful. In fact, some philosophers seem too convinced and appear to share this distrust rational hedonism and body regarding intellectual and spiritual joys as lasting and very much less likely to result to inconvenient and painful consequences…
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Questions on Hedonism, Utilitarianism, Norcross, Doctrine of Double Effect essay example
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