The Chance of Leisure

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Name Course Instructor Date Leisure According to Pieper, the working process has denied many people the chance of leisure. It is possible to have leisure time and still go to work. Leisure is an act of celebrating efforts of work. Apollodorus was usually caught up in the marketplace.


Having leisure avoids the sin of acedia, which is a restlessness that makes leisure impossible. According to Pieper, the person refuses to be what God had planned. Religion can be born out leisure as commanded by God to keep the Sabbath day holy. Idleness is brought about by lack of leisure. This idleness can be translated to intellectual laziness. Engaging in leisure helps eradicate internal poverty. It is a time to meditate about one’s achievements and ambitions. Having leisure is the key to spiritual and mental growth since an individual breaks away from his/her busy schedule of the modern society. Watching TV, playing video games or surfing the net cannot be considered as elements of leisure. Having leisure requires human or spiritual interaction, which cannot be acquired from such gadgets. The technological age has made life busier rather than provide leisure. This is against the traditional meaning of leisure and technology is supposed to reinforce it not decrease it. Civil Disobedience According to Thoreau, the government has been corrupted by certain individuals who act against the will of the majority. The government has become corrupt and oppressive by empowering a few people to profit economically due to their authority. The regulation on trade has affected the forces of free market negatively. The government has hindered the creativity of the people it should protect. ...
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