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Critical Review on an Article About Animal Rights

Animal rights violators have argued that not all living things have equal rights, and that humans are superior to the others. They state that human beings have the rights while the other living things, especially animals, have rights only in the right view of the human being responsible. Reagan accounts for the need to have animal rights on the following arguments and sets of theories. First, the violators base their argument on the contractionism theory, where the human beings are said to have signed a voluntary contract to ensure rights on themselves and close persons. The rights also cover what the human beings have sentimental value, and what interests them in the society only. Reagan argues that this does not adequately cover the rights of animals in the society from the actions of human beings. He states that in case the animal in question does not have any relevance or value to the human being, then he/she is not morally obligated to uphold or enforce the rights of the animal (Reagan, 1989). The second argument is considered as the cruelty-kindness theory that states that every human being has the duty to be kind to all the animals in the world, whether they have sentimental value or not; we also have an indirect duty not to be cruel to the animals in the world whatsoever. ...
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Name Instructor Course June 14, 2012 Critics and some philosophers have continually written and stated that only human being species have rights and know what is right or wrong. In his paper ‘The Case for Animal Rights’, Tom Reagan has been able to evaluate the arguments for the lack of need of animal rights and to theoretically criticize these views…
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