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Philosophy on Soul - Essay Example

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Philosophy on Soul

Plato’s Phaedo and Descartes’ Meditations have the potential to clarify these issues. Both works emphasize the immortality and inseparability of soul from body and suggest that the presence of thinking capabilities is just enough for an individual to exist. Consequently, it is possible to assume that Lieutenant Commander Data does have a soul, as long as it is inseparable from his essence and being and manifests through his ability to think critically about the world. Plato’s Phaedo is rightly considered as one of the most famous philosophic dialogues about the nature of the human being and the place of soul in it. Plato’s philosophy of the human nature and soul is quite straightforward: there is no separation of soul and body, and even death does not break this relationship. Plato asserts that the truth of life is in the way humans hear or see it, as both sight and hearing are the two accurate witnesses of the actual acquirement of knowledge. “And thought is best when the mind is gathered into herself and none of these things trouble her – neither sounds nor sights nor pain nor any pleasure – when she has as little as possible to do with the body” (Plato). ...
He has a book he likes because it reminds him of the special moments in his life, and he confesses that he and Tasha Yar used to be intimate (Star Trek). Data demonstrates the sensitivity and respect a machine without soul would never show, and based on Plato’s writings, it is possible to assume that Data’s body is inseparable from his soul. The latter helps him to understand the complexity of the world. Like Plato, Descartes was extremely concerned with the questions of human body and soul. However, unlike Plato, the perspective Descartes chooses is called ‘doubt’. In the First Meditation, Descartes asserts that reason and thinking capabilities are the foundational pillars of human existence. To a large extent, thinking in Descartes is the same as soul in Plato. Descartes writes: “although the senses sometimes deceive us about objects that are very small or distant, that doesn’t apply to my belief that I am here, sitting by the fire, wearing a winter dressing-gown, holding this piece of paper in my hands, and so on”. In other words, it is through reason and cognition that humans come to exist. Descartes would say that Lieutenant Data does have soul and exists, on the premise that he thinks reasonably and uses his cognition to make evaluations. As a complex machine, Data may not rely on his senses but uses his decision making mechanisms and pathways to make decisions. Beyond cognition and its importance, as presented by Descartes, Data has self-awareness (Star Trek). In other words, he is quite aware of who he is and what function he fulfills in this world. The mere fact that Data is granted the right to explore into the nature of human soul on his own confirms that he can do it. As a result, it is correct to say that Data has a ...Show more


[Author’s Name] [Class] 19 June 2012 Soul The relationship of body and soul is one of the fundamental questions in philosophy. Since the earliest times, the humanity sought to explain the presence (or absence) of metaphysical substances and the role they play in individual lives…
Author : kemmerruss
Philosophy Essay on Soul essay example
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