Qualifying Exam Research Methods

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Qualifying Exam Research Methods Student’s Name Student ID Number Course Title & Code Instructor’s Name Date Total Number of Words: 1,837 Introduction Because of globalization, a lot of companies are cutting down its fixed operational expenses. As a result of massive lay-offs, cross-border alliance, and/or merger and acquisition, organizational conflict arises (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p.


To make cross-border alliances, merger and acquisition (M&A) successful, Mintzberg et al. (2003, p. 258) explained that managers should be able to establish organizational culture that strongly promote team collaboration in order to increase the efficiency of a company’s production output. The main purpose of this study is to determine the best and most effect strategies that mangers can use in resolving organizational conflicts. In order to address the main purpose of this study, a qualitative research study will be conducted in order to determine how managers can effectively resolve organizational conflicts. Research Question What strategies should managers consider in order to implement effective conflict resolution in a newly merged company? Literature Review Employee involvement is “the voluntary employer-led initiatives that are designed to encourage more active employee to participate in the business organization” (Caldwell, 1993). Guest, Peccei and Thomas (1993) explained that implementing employee involvement could increase the level of employee commitment towards the business organization. As a result, managers can easily add extra role to each employee without creating too much organizational conflict (Langan-Fox, Code and Gray, 2002). ...
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