Liberty, Property, Environmentalism

Liberty, Property, Environmentalism Essay example
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On Rose’s “Liberty, Property, Environmentalism.” Some believe that the only way to adequately manage the environment is to make it private property. The property-rights based approach is offered as a solution to the problem of abusing environmental resources.


Why or why not? Explain your answers using examples illustrating and demonstrating your point. According to Rose, property regimes may have significant pitfalls and these include the following: parties involved in the agreement may not necessarily come up with conformity, they may be ineffective, they may be aimed at certain objective not consistent with protecting the environment, property rights may not apply for environmental resources, and they may only produce monoculture instead of diverse environments (Rose 1-25). In property regimes, parties involved may not come up with conformity is a possibility. In the first place, it is a tough activity to manage the environment. It is hard to manage it because it is vast and unlike a single property or so, it is tough to control or maintain it due to its area of coverage (Rose 1). On the other hand, the environment is largely considered under the property domain of the public. This means that everybody could significantly own any possible integral component of an environment. In the case of Scarborough shoal, the heated debate between the Philippines and China continues to create significant tension as these two countries could not actually come up with an agreement as to which the territorial responsibility on this rich-oil area should fall. ...
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