Perconal Incident in your Life. Making Ethical Decision

Perconal Incident in your Life. Making Ethical Decision Essay example
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Running Head: PHILOSOPHY Philosophy [The name of the writer will appear here] [The name of the institution will appear here] [The name of the Professor] [Course] Write about a personal incident in your life in which you had to make an ethical decision. What was the situation?


Often, the decision that we make may be practical but may not ethically correct. Ethics may be defined as a code of conduct that has been justified by society as the right code of conduct. A person may not be legally bound to choose a course of action but ethics demand that he take on that course of action. Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, deals with the obligations that human beings have to the society and people around them. It also deals with the values that we acquire while living within the society and it is these values that guide the decisions that individuals take in their lives (Duquenoy, George and Kimppa, 2008). In this paper, we attempt to present an ethical dilemma that I faced in my life recently and how this decision I made corresponds with two different ethical theories. Under the light of these ethical theories that are Utilitarianism and Kantism Theory, we would be discussing the decision that I made. The objective is to study the decision under these theories and determine whether the action taken was ethically correct. Ethical Situation Recently, while working as an intern in a hospital, I went across a case that required ethical decision making. A 5 year old child was suffering from severe trauma as a result of a car accident. The car accident that left the child in a vegetative state and he continued to be on life support for more than 3 months. ...
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