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Enlightenment/Ignorance.Ways of Knowing.

However, as long as the Self exists in ignorance, it does not and cannot realize the fact that it is created by several factors. This is then the point where enlightenment comes. For as long as there is no enlightenment in the individual, then he or she would simply believe in something default – that the Self is given by God or destined to be what it is. Nevertheless, enlightenment cannot be exactly known without discussing it in the context of ignorance. When one is ignorant, one is pictured as extremely sensitive and vehemently opposing something without even realizing why. For example, one is into anarchism, or the condition where one is “unrestricted by man-made law” and believes that “all forms of government rest on violence” (Goldman 583). This is actually such a negative standpoint from which to proceed. Nevertheless, the ignorant are relentless in believing that “God, the State, and society are non-existent” (584). This they proclaim while contending that “the individual is the heart of the society” and that “society is the lungs which…keep the life essence” (584). How then can society be the “lungs” that keep the individual alive when in fact it had previously been declared that the society is “non-existent”? Thus, the ignorant do not realize that their principles are actually contradictory. ...
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The Self is created by several factors such as social or psychological forces and upbringing as well, and the Self develops from these factors. In this case, one is relatively freer especially for the reason that he has relatively more power to make his own choices…
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