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Lossography is demarcated as a type of emotional description structured by individuals at one point experiencing loss of closed ones or tangible items. The subjection of individuals due to loss is common to every individuals resulting in developing psychological imbalance due…


Moreover, in such cases any sort of negative complications of pets relating to death or illness, may distorts the sentimental balance of the attached persons. At that moment, the written descriptions made by such emotionally hurt individuals often termed as lossography. People suffering from such pain and misery often tend towards expressing their emotions for loosening up the excessive level of mental stress to which they are subjected. In this respect, an individual presenting emotion in writing is an effective way of understanding psychological distress. Presenting emotional distress in writing is considered as a form of psychological treatment. Thus, lossography is an effective measure based on which pain and sufferings of an individual can be analyzed at the time of loss (Sheridan 20-50).
Considering the above aspects, it can be stated that human beings have different ways of expressing their feelings and emotions. One of such techniques is the lossography that can be considered effective enough under such circumstances. This technique also helps in describing the behavioral and emotional attachment trends of an individual.
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