Philosophical Thoughts on the Nature of Dogs

Philosophical Thoughts on the Nature of Dogs Essay example
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Your Name Prof’s Name Course Code Date Philosophical Thoughts on the Nature of Dogs We see animals all around us, but rarely do we actually take time to think about exactly what their nature is, and what our role in interacting with them can be. This might be especially true of the animals we tend to take the most notice of – pets such as cats and dogs.


The fundamental question of an issue like this rests on the fact that it is impossible to communicate with these animals – you cannot ask a dog what it thinks or how it would like to be treated, and so we form (often incorrect and anthropomorphic) assumptions of their wants and desires, as exemplified by widespread and ridiculous practices such as leaving a television on for a bet for “company” while its owners are away, as if a flashing screen and random noises would provide comfort to an animal that primarily identifies its comrades by smell and shape. Our lack of ability to communicate directly with animals has led to a vicious debate about the ownership of pets, whether this constitutes animal cruelty, and especially whether treating animals differently than humans (such as allowing for their ownership and control) is a kind of discrimination that is analogous to sexism and racism – acceptable now because of ignorance and social mores, but morally reprehensible when examined critically or through a lens of time. ...
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